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2023 Woofstock | Robert Lipman Atlanta Ga

The FOGAS (Friends of Gilmer Animal Shelter) 2023 "Woofstock" event turned out to be a fantastic success! Adorable costumes, delicious food, and lively music set the stage for a memorable day. We even had a charming little goat in attendance. The eventful day concluded with a delightful dinner among great friends!

As a passionate animal lover, Robert Lipman deeply appreciates the happiness that dogs and cats bring into our lives. They provide us with companionship, love, and an unbreakable bond that enhances our everyday experiences. It is crucial to support local animal shelters and care for our furry friends for a multitude of reasons.

We would love to share some photos from the Friends of Gilmer Animal Shelter 2023 “Woofstock"

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