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Mountain Wisdom Camp and Tr-Mountains Retreat | Robert Lipman Atlanta GA

Robert Lipman has found it both fascinating and satisfying to observe and interact with all parts of Mountain Wisdom. Running a successful camp "ain't" easy, and this was demonstrated on numerous levels. Marketing, monitoring, vetting campers, preparations, good weather prayers, and parental cooperation all play a role in success. Bob is happy that Mountain Wisdom's objectives of delivering a positive3 and maybe life-changing camp experience in a natural setting align with Bob's vision and aspirations for his camp.

Robert has witnessed firsthand and heard from the campers themselves how useful the structured experience has been for them, particularly at the end of each session when the campers speak of their individual experiences with camp and how it has benefited each of them. Bob notices glee not only in the eyes of the campers, but also in the eyes of the parents who are in attendance to take their campers home.

Mountain Wisdom's use of The Retreat produced a good, permanent, and indelible influence on Bob, as evidenced by this single anecdote. Bob was watching a "trust" exercise with kids and counselors in which kids would climb a 10' high tree and fall backward into a net supported by both campers and counselors on the bottom. Except for one overweight teen who walked with a cane, all campers were taking part. Bob approached the young youngster and encouraged him to participate. After repeated hecks and no responses, Bob volunteered two things: 1) If he didn't do it, he would forget about it. If he did do it, he would never forget it in his lifetime. That didn’t work either; (2) If he would do it as equally scared as Bob may be, Bob would also do it.

He agreed to do it right away. Bob has rarely felt more delighted and proud than when he approached him later and inquired about his reaction. He was beaming from ear to ear, and Bob still gets chills thinking about it.

The adventure for Robert Lipman's camp has already been confirmed.

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