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Tri-Mountain Update | Robert Lipman Atlanta Ga

Robert Lipman Update on Tri-Mountain:

It is now winter at Tri-Mountain and without the kids coming in on weekends Robert Lipman now has time to continue with planned projects for the property. This involves not only clearing and maintaining 12 miles of developed hiking and 4-wheeler trails, but also making new trails throughout 450 acres. Only by making new trails can the full extent and enjoyment of the wilderness and three mountains be appreciated.

Robert is very happy with the addition of our new partner, Mountain Wisdom Camp, who will be utilizing the property for their kids and programs in June. There will be two one-week camp sessions designed separately for boys and girls. Robert is looking forward to this new venture with them, as well as continuing his strong relationship with Camp Twin Lakes and Goshen Valley Boys Ranch. Robert really sees his goal and dream of providing wonderful and fulfilling memories for all disadvantaged kids becoming a reality.

Continue to follow for more updates and information about upcoming programs at Tri -Mountain.


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